• structural precast modeling services

Precast Modelling Services

This is the Specialized services where in we can model entire structural precast modeling services | residential bim services plant facilities based on the input from manufacturer. It also includes batching plant set up, Hollocore/solid Prestressed slab, curing facilities, election system etc. All the elements in the building shall be Modelling and assembled the way in which planning is done.

We also focus on Modellingof such composite and monolithic construction techniques like Mivan or table top Form work system. Individual building structural elements can also be Modelling like walls, slabs, stair panel, columns, beams etc. for the buildings like residential, commercial, MLCP and industrial construction as well as infrastructure development projects like bridges i.e. psc girders etc.

Under Precast BIM Services services we cover following things.

1. Developing BIM models for walls, columns, beam, girders, slab, stair panel etc.

2. Generating model for all concealed MEP elements like conduits, pipes etc.