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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Basic Details of Building Information Modeling (BIM)

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The current scenario of the construction industry in India has vast potential in adopting different techniques and systems to cater to the current need of projects like cost, time, and quality of construction; BIM is the solution for any project to generate smart & quality output. The platform of BIM, i.e., Building Information Modeling system, is the right solution, which is successfully adopted worldwide.

Benefit Of BIM in today's construction industries

  • Coordinate & error less drawing
  • 3D coordinated model
  • Scheduling
  • Energy Modeling
  • Life cycle cost
  • Facility Management

What is BIM

“Building Information Modeling or BIM is a parametric, 3D Model that is used to generate plans, elevations, sections, perspectives, details, schedules – all of the necessary components to documents the design of a building.” The traditional building design was largely reliant upon two-dimensional technical drawings, i.e., plans, elevations, sections. Building information modeling extends this beyond 3D, augmenting the three primary spatial dimensions like width, height, and depth) with time as the fourth dimension (4D) and cost as the fifth (5D). BIM takes care of the following essential parameters of constructing a building right at its initial design stage.