BIM & VR (virtual reality)

The BIM method enables project stakeholders to build virtual models based on information to help them understand the imaginary view of the building. BIM is a collaborative method by which people, processes and structures all come together in one place in a digital model.

Building Information Modeling methodology with Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that uses software and headset devices to replace one’s view from the real-world to a digitally created scene. Using full-coverage headsets completely blocks out your surroundings and shuts out the physical world while using. With the lenses of these headset devices, a computer-generated virtual environment is reflected, and your world view is replaced. Usually, the devices are connected to a PC or a smart phone that provides virtual visions. These visions can be replicas of a real-world place or a place from an entirely imaginary world.

At present construction is becoming a challenge and at the same time its environment is becoming more dynamic and fast so that architecture and designers digitalize it as it is to speed up the inspection method in the industry and all this is becoming possible BIM Can install promising additions due to VR tools.

Mostly BIM and VR are used to combine the knowledge of the workers and the construction people.

Virtual reality is a term that is always used to create a 3D environment. Which creates real objects and images through technology. Due to which, if there is any error in 2D, it appears immediately.

Virtual reality brings users very close to reality so that they can interpret and improve the details.