• site supervision

Site Supervision in Construction

Project Management services are the collaborative effort of many stackholders like architects, structural consultant, MEP consultant, contractor, developer. PMC role is to manage, co-ordinate, monitor, review, check, control over the entire project functioning including design, estimation, procurement & contracting, execution supervision or site supervision on behlf of client. PMC shall ensure client about the smooth functioning and progress of project in time as well as in quality. PMC acts as a engine of the entire project or driving force of the project. Cost tracking, progress tracking, quality tracking, process tracking, safety aspect are the primary functions of Project Management Consultancy work. PMC has to check/preparate/assist in making micro level planning and scheduling of different acitivities involved in the project. PMC shall prepare checkings formats, progress reports, inventory of different FOS materials, quality reports, tracking cirtical acitivity, forcasting major issues hidering progress. PMC shall communicate and coordinate with the different agencies, consultants as a part of job responsibilities. PMC also track the budget finalised by client and try to complete the project in the same budget. PMC can impart any technical input to client for procurement, material selection, contracts, terms & condition, bill checking of different suppliers and agencies.

management shall includes two parts majorly one is management of contracts and second is management of material procurement. Contract management shall be part of PMC services wherein client may go for this services. Contracts management shall includes tender preparation as per clients requirements, tender floating, arranging and assisting pre-bid meetings, making moms, rate comparison, evaluating tender quotes of different suppliers or contractors, assisting in negotiation and final preparation of work order and purchase order.

This shall involve all Site Supervision in Construction activities supervision including all different disciplines like civil work, flooring work, electrical work, plumbing work, Aluminium work, interior work, fabrication work, HVAC work, fire fighting work, landscaping work, mechanical work, ELV line work, painting work etc to check weather the work is being carried out correctly or not, workmanship is proper or not, things are being executed as per drawing or not.