• pre fabrication & fabrication BIM service

Pre-Fabrication and Fabrication BIM Services Provider In India

Based on the structural steel fabrication like I, C or L sections composite fabrication or fabrication like railings, pergolas, parking lot shed, pre-engineering buildings etc. shall be converted to the 3D model. It also includes the generating shop drawing or as built drawings of such fabricated items.

We also focus on Modeling on Pre-Fabricated elements like Precast wall, slab and other elements. Foldable walls or light gauge steel stud walls or related pre fabricated elements can also be the converted to 3D model. BIM for pre fabrication and fabrication shall be done for various buildings like residential, commercial and industrial construction as well as infrastructure development projects.

Under Pre Fabricated and Fabrication BIM Model Services we cover following things.

  • Developing BIM models for fabricated building products like pergola, stair railing, balcony railing, safety grill, fabricated gate etc.
  • Generating model for MEP elements like pumps, panels, compressors, DGs etc.
  • Pre-engineering building sheds, roof truss, gantries etc.
  • Precast elements like wall, slab, staircase, other elements 3D Modeling work.