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Quantity Estimation Services

"Process of taking out the item wise quantity estimation from 2D drawings for different disciplines like civil work, flooring work, electrical work, plumbing work, Aluminium work, interior work, fabrication work, HVAC work, fire fighting work, landscaping work, mechanical work, ELV line work, painting work etc to arriving/define on a cost/Budget of the entire project is called as quantity estimation . These item wise quantity estimation can be very much useful for the following reasons

1. To know the project cost

2. To negotiate with the agencies and material supplier

3. To do proper planning of entire project at micro level.

4. To know the cash outflow and so as to plan the funds.

5. To define the budget of any project.

6. For tracking of bills.

We also take out quantities of different materials requried to complete the respective item. We follow scientific method to determine the quantities of different item and fulfilling the codal provisions and guidelines by keeping in mind the specification and unit of respective items. Following item options in civil work shall be considered in item quantities calculations.

1. Civil work - Earth work, PCC of different grade, RCC of different grade, Formwork, Reinforcement work, Brick/Block masonry work, plastering work, water proofing work etc.

2. Flooring work - Tiling work, dado work, tread - riser flooring, sill & jambs, cladding work, platform and counter work etc.

3. Fabrication work - Staircase railing, balcony railing, pergola work, safety grill, main gate etc.

4. Painting work - Inside distemper, plastic paint and external cement paint, super acrylic paint etc.

5. Wooden work - Door frames, doors etc.

6. Aluminium work - Windows door etc.