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Bim and AR is a technology that combines real and VR data. MR is a technology that combines data from AR and VR. MR works to combine real and virtual everything to create a new environment and create visualization so that interactions can take place in real-time using digital objects. AR is considered an interactive experience of the real-world environment. Where real-world computer objects provide some imaginary information created by a computer. Inside which sometimes all kinds of information like visual, auditory, hepatic are found. AR is a system that comes with three features: a combination of real and virtual, real team actions, 3D conversion of the virtual and real object. Bim to AR / VR Consultant can change the way we look at our business. Everywhere this virtual solution takes it to the future. Navkar is leading the best BIM solutions providing VR and MR Company in India

Here is BIM and AR application to improve construction performance. Information about the construction project being worked on, the progress of its work, the main instructions for it, and what it will look like in the real world are all due to the technology in the hands of the site manager. This method can solve every real problem and also build its values.Combining art and technology, AR / MR transforms a business into digital.Our specialists understand all your specific needs and provide all the services and engineers also convert them to visual layout. Which makes it very easy to understand. Navkar gives best vr and mr services, virtual reality consultant in India.