• Water Distribution Network Design

Water Distribution Network Design

It is difficult to find deserving personnel with proper skill and exposure for designing a water distribution network. Further, it is not only software simulation but to make it a performing network is a big challenge. We use QEPANET, QGIS, EPANET, WATERNETGEN, EPASURGE and WATERGEMS to get optimum results.

Services Offered:

  • Feasibility studies for WDS
  • Preparing the layout of WDS using QGIS with the minimum ground survey,
  • Design and Analysis of water distribution network using EPANET, WATERGEMS, and WATERNETGEN, L section preparation, least-cost design
  • Optimization of water distribution system Preparation of as-built drawings for existing water distribution network using GPR,
  • Calibration of existing water distribution network,
  • Design of ESR, GSR, Pumps, etc. for water supply system,
  • PMC and approval from the consultants for the project.
  • Preparation of maintenance schedule