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Value Engineering for Services Company in India

Value Engineering Services is also known as Bim Engineering Services. It is study and implementation of architectural, structural & MEPF drawings at DBR( Business Development Representative), Concept and GFC (Good for Construction) level to optimize the cost, to reduce errors, the ease at construction level in terms of all services like electrical, LV lines, PA system, mechanical ventilation system, HVAC(Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ), Fire fighting, water supply, drainage along with STP, pumping system, DG, panels, transformers, pools, etc.

Following are some of the points of review and Value Engineering Services. Sunk portions of toilets, Service floor, Levels concept of the entire project including the basement, Concept of rainwater harvesting and disposal system, Any clashes between architectural positioning of different elements to structural elements like EWC, washbasin or urinal clash with columns, etc., Puddle flange and pump room layout in terms of pump positioning, panel, and cable & pipe movement., Drainage layout their invert levels, Water supply route, Electrical cable route, positioning of transformers, DB, panels, CSS, security system cables, etc., Fire fighting system like UG tank, OH tank, pipe, sprinkler, and hydrant network., Any fouling between the services with architectural and structural elements., Comments on all discipline drawings, DBRs, Optimizing route length of all services., HVAC system ducting layout, fouling with headroom, false ceiling, etc., Observing drain pipe in case of the HVAC system.