• industrial bim services

Industrial BIM Services

For new set up of any Industry BIM Services or expansion of existing Industry their all kinds of structures like Admin building, PEB shed, go down, process control buildings, utility building, compound wall, security gate, green belt development and related all other structures specific to that industry, BIM model with architectural, structural, Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire fighting, HVAC and industry specific process based services, piping racks/bridges, under ground services, ETP, WTP, compressor, any high pressure vessels, boiler, Furness, cold storage etc. shall be generated. This BIM Model can be useful for further expansion planning with reference to services and its planning. Phasing of expansion is very easy with this model. If we integrate it with automation of different equipment than we can easily maintain the services. This model can help in space planning of the area based on the industry specific processes. All required infrastructure for raw material storage and finished goods dispatch bay etc. also can be Modelling in BIM.

Advantages of Industry BIM model are as follows:

  • Industry BIM model can give clear idea about the space and expansion of the industry.
  • BIM Model can be useful for laying different services like ETP, WTP, Cooling tower, Boiler etc.
  • BIM model can give clear idea about the complete infrastructure along with different buildings, roads, green area etc.
  • BIM model can give working drawings
  • BIM Model can give quantity of different items.