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What role does a Cost Consultant play in the Building Industry?

Navkar help you with project cost management, auditing, and monitoring to ensure that the commercial project construction is built to the Clients specifications while staying within the best value proposition and budget. For all commercial project stakeholders, Masters' Cost Management Team builds an effective centralized Cost Management and Change Monitoring system. Cost consultancy can save tons of time and effort in commercial construction building projects management with proper planning & implementation. Cost consultancy can save tons of time and effort in project with proper implementation.

The Discipline where Cost quantity calculation can be done :Civil work, Waterproofing work, Flooring work, Aluminum work, Fabrication work, Painting work, Wooden work, Interior work, Gardening work. The structures where Cost quantity calculation can be done: The main building, Basement, Main gate, Infrastructure like a compound wall, roads, all standard amenities, podium, upper-level parking, etc.

Our complete Cost Consulting service:

At all stages of the development life cycle, our Cost Consulting technique gets integrated into a project to achieve new solutions. We put our clients first in all we do, listening to their needs and sharing our understanding of building construction costs, market trends, and projects risk management. This is accomplished through assisting our clients with:

cost-cutting strategy Estimating and budgeting cost, as well as cash flow forecasting Financial evaluation and tender documentation Risk assessment Controlling cost Management of value Claims avoidance and change management Verification and validation of payments Total cost of ownership Lowering risk factor

Why choose costs consultancy services

To define a budget, To quote for tender (specifically for contractors), To know the cost of the project, To know material quantity requirement, For awarding a contract, For controlling cost or to find alternative cost comparison for the respective system, For bill checking & planning.

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quantity & cost estimation services
"Process of taking out the item wise quantity estimation from 2D drawings for different disciplines like civil work, flooring work, electrical work, plumbing work, Aluminium work, interior work, fabrication work, HVAC work, fire fighting work, landscaping work, mechanical work, ELV line work, painting work etc to arriving/define on a cost/Budget of the entire project is called as quantity estimation . Read More
Rate Analysis
Rate analysis process of arriving rate of any item by adding rate of material, rate of manpower & minor factors affecting rate analysis. This is the comparison of two different System Comparison & this comparison can help in taking best complex decisions. For example conventional structural frame verses PT frame structure, HT room, transformer verses CSS & Fabricated railing verses glass railing etc.Read More

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