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What is Scan to BIM ?

For the projects having huge as build services to be tracked down, laser scanning is the solution to such a complex services scenario. All the services are being scanned with laser scanner and converted into 3D model. This is as good as as built bim model of any building with renewed services. This Scan to BIM Services can give very accurate output which shall be converted into BIM model and ultimately all services quantities can be taken off. If drawings are not available or partially available, with higher level of complexity of services are to tackled than Navkar Scan to BIM Companies is the best solution.

Below are the advantages of Scan to BIM services.

1. Scan to BIM modelling services is the most accurate and efficient way to develop as-built BIM model form existing building that can be used for further project expansion and refurbishment of the project such as residential, commercial, factory, airports, heritage buildings, opera house, fire stations, tunnels, etc.

2. The scan to the Revit 3D model helps companies to have access to the digital 3D model and modify the same as per the project needs. The same model can also be used by facility managers to manage the building facility.

3. Once Scanned data is being converted into BIM model, quantities take off is very easy and very accurate.