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BIM Family Creation Services in Revit MEP & BIM

Navkar Enterprise can provide BIM Family Creation Service in Revit / MEP & BIM Creation / Component Creation Services which includes making of manufactured unit standard model of different series/ type/ model etc. All different building materials/ equipment has different specification or attributes. To facilitates the client to use those standard model in their BIM model directly, this family/component creation is very essential by using different attributes or specification. These families components can be uploaded to their websites from which one can download it directly and can be Utilised it for completing their BIM model.

Revit content creation empowers all Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries including architects, designers, engineers, builders, contractors, facility managers, and owners. All these construction professionals accurately communicate design objectives, investigate building performance and undertake cost estimation at the pre-construction stage. Owing to parametric family creation in Revit, architects could easily capture, assess designs and maintain coordinated building data throughout the construction project lifecycle.

To create a new family in Revit, building components are engineered with reusable objects and amassed with related parameters and graphical representations. The families enable clients to seek for customized or manufacturer-specific content pertaining to Revit MEP family creation, door family creation in Revit and Revit electrical families.

Since Revit content creation constitutes to be the building block of the BIM Model, stakeholders within the BIM lifecycle getting benefited from the software. The smart 3D representation of the virtual world integrates geometry and other technical product specifications to empower our project team members.

It is most valued in the pre-building modelling stage. Families are used to include windows, doors, walls, and furniture in a 3D geometry. Outsourcing the work to us will save your time and you can focus on core productivity. The systems family offers the basic creation and installation. These are available and inbuilt in the software. They can be used in any project environment. The loadable families are created as standalone or incorporated along as the project progresses. Various MEP components are developed for BIM creation. We offer the same with client logos and copyrights. The in-place families are used in specific projects only. The geometry is not adaptable to other projects.

Architectural - Elements like Wall, Doors, windows, caseworks, furniture, furniture railings

HVAC Work - Elements like Fan coil units, air handling units, fire dampers, diffusers, grilles, and registers

Fire Fighting - Elements like Sprinklers, valves, fittings, fire extinguishers and cabinets

Plumbing - Elements like Pumps and valves, fixtures like urinals, wash basins, water closets

Structural - Elements like Column with cables, steel sections, and stanchion, connections like mountings, base plates, stiffeners, gusset plates etc.

Electrical - Elements like DG, DB, Electrical fixtures, transformers, electrical panels, earthing etc.

Interior - Element like Furniture, glass curtain, material library creation, art effect samples

MEP customised products/equipments/machinery/object, complex services & geometry in industries can also be created with autodesk revit.