• Bim outsourcing services

Navkar Enterprise provide BIM Outsourcing Services for developing BIM Model. Navkar is best bim companies in india. We can work as a outsourcing partner for any Organisation outside the country. This services includes conversion of all architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire fighting and HVAC elements into 3D model. This can be followed with clash detection, preparation of GFC drawings, taking out quantities of different items.

We shall provide this services to all structures like residential projects, commercial projects, IT parks, High-rise buildings, mall, public buildings like offices, hotel, hospitals, hostel, institutional building, farm houses, heritage buildings, parks and gardens, interior projects, multiplexes, highways, bridges etc.

Outsourcing services includes all required services to complete building with infrastructure. We shall provide this services with most optimised and cost effective way which can suits your budget.


1. You need not to hire any of the staff nor establish any infrastructure to make the model.

2. Very cost effective partnership

3. Reduced scope of work