• bim clash detection service in india

What is BIM Clash Detection ?

Once entire BIM model with all services like mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire fighting, HVAC is made in 3D, all the clashes between the services, services and structural and architectural elements shall be found out and each clashes are being resolved. Entire report for Bim clash detection in actual Construction was found out before onsite construction started. We shall be take out the report and make error / clash free bim model to save money, energy and resources. This services can give complete clash free model out of which GFC drawing is made which are highly accurate and which can be Utilised for the execution of the project purpose.

This is extra ordinary services as the issues which are being faced at the time of execution can be resolved right at the digital model level which can reduce majority of the errors which we faced at time of actual construction. Ultimately it can save time and money for reworking of the work at the time execution.