• drainage bim services

Drainage BIM Services

Based on the drainage BIM Services 2D drawings inputs from plumbing consultant, we generate 3D model for entire drainage BIM Services system starting from waste water collecting pipe lines from toilet, wash area and kitchen, GT/IC/MH network, STP, treated water tank, pumping system for treated water, connecting to corporation sewage line, rain water disposal network like rain water channel, recharging well etc. We also include drainage amenities like STP, recharging well, treated water pump room etc.

All equipment like recharging well, treated water pumping room, STP area etc. shall be Modeling as per the capacity and specification of the equipment.

We can provide below services as drainage BIM Services

  • Drainage system like piping, pipe rack, treated pumping system Modeling.
  • Modellingof pumps, STP with panel and pumps etc.
  • Modellingof all equipment like recharging well, pumping room, STP area etc.
  • Generating drainage GFC drawing.
  • Taking out quantities