• structural bim services

Structural BIM Services

We provide structural BIM services wherein all structural elements like footing, raft, pedestal, column, beams, slabs, staircase as well as all related elements 3D Modellingbeing done as per the input drawing of the structural BIM services engineer for the entire project. This also includes all structural steel elements also in the services.

Structures we serve are commercial, residential, industrial, recreation, mall, institutional, public buildings, townships etc. Combined result of architectural as well as structural elements can give clear idea about the fouling or clash in the system.

We can extend our structural BIM services to the following items.

  • Footing, raft, pedestal, column, beams, slabs, staircase.
  • Structural glazing system as well as steel structures.
  • Arrive on the PT or regular reinforcement planning and its quantities.