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Highway Planning, Design & Construction Consulting and Services

"Navkar Enteprise Vadodara is Business Associate of Mark Procon for all of this Projects. Highway design services means to generate trip for communicating from one place to another with smooth riding experience of people. The Highway design service or Highway design consultant is the way which is high compared to adjoining ground level to accommodate the vehicular movement from origin to destination.

Following are key points which are included in highway/road design services. Entire strip survey means DGPS points marking, existing ground levels at regular interval of time, Topo survey, river upstream and downstream levels, traffic survey, axle load survey, trial pits, BBD survey, inventory survey of existing cross drainage structures, soil investigation for all bridges, culverts, etc., Hydraulic design to define linear waterway and vent size for all CD structures., Structural design of all CD structures like a significant bridge, minor bridge, box culvert, pipe culvert, etc., Geometrical design complying respective IRC with the help of Mx-Road/Open roads, Civil 3D software. This includes a horizontal and vertical profile, Pavement design report. It may be flexible or rigid pavement., Highway furniture like junction design, signs and road markings, etc.

Why choose Navkar for Bridge, Road, Highway Consultants & Services ?

We have highly experienced and well-qualified (highway, bridges, roads) engineers to design plan & profile, pavement design, CD structure hydraulic, and structural design. Completed many Urban, Rural, Government, Commercial projects till date. Providing all services in high-quality environment friendly construction at transportation levels and in project was completed in due Time-period. Our Working pattern includes: learn and acquire data from related people, Consulting, servery of land and topography, planning( highway, bridge, roadway, other transportation modes), skilled engineering and construction and development. We are here for end-to-end environment friendly development of transportation modes.

1. Environment Friendly planning, design & construction

2. Completed 50+ big and small projects

3. Highway design & transportation engineers with prior experience

4. Computer-aided design (CAD)

5. Access, layout, service, and parking design on-site

6. People Management

7. 7 years of experience

8. Quick scheduling